Martial Activities

The SCA does not seek to recreate the conflicts of the Middle Ages.  However, these conflicts shaped the cultures of the era and led to some really unique fighting styles.  It's also a lot of fun.

Members of our Society volunteer to marshal activities. The SCA has a rigorous training and authorization system overseen by dedicated marshals to insure safety.

Please note, all practice time are subject to change so see Calendar or Google Group and Facebook for up to date info.

Armored Combat Rapier Thrown Weapons Target Archery
Armored Combat

    Armored Combat is the safe recreation of the military arts based on training techniques from the European Age of Chivalry and other cultures of the same time period.   
Marshal:  Lord Jewel
Practices:  Seeking a winter practice site


Rapier and Cut & Trust

    Rapier in the SCA is recreating the sword fighting styles of the Renaissance period which later evolved into modern fencing.  
Marshal:  Baron Martin
Practices:  Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 pm at Black Hills HEMA


Thrown Weapons 

    Thrown Weapons is precision knife, axe and spear throwing.  We do not hold regular practices.
Marshal:  Baroness Viridis
Practices: NA

Target Archery

    While the bow and arrow are the mainstays of the shooting range, in the SCA archery includes any "assisted throw" like the atl atl.
Marshal: Baroness Sean
Practices: TBA 

There are other activities that Noiregarde doesn't current have  marshals to for.  
Equestrian Combat Archery Siege Weapons

    SCA Equestrian activities are based on training techniques, largely target related, that a noble would have learned in part of joisting training.  Actual joisting is not currently allowed in Northshield.

Combat Archery

    This combines target archery and armored combat, where fully armored specially equiped archers aid in melees.

Siege Weapons

    With an emphasis on safety, this is exactly what it sounds like; recreations of siege engine and other machines of war.  These are mostly used at large events with massive melees.