Name Persona Interests
Apollonia Sybila Rebil Spanish Tablet weaving, cooking, garb making 
Asof (Youth) Russian Service, crafts, drawing
Birna fra Blakksholum Norse Embroidery
Cara (Youth) Cara animal husbandry, crafts, drawing
Cealleigh Chevonne Irish Drawing
Connacht MacDein Pirate  cooking, equestrian, armoring
Embla (Cassandra "Cassy" Magee)   Sewing
Freydis Jensdottir Norse Armored Combat, Rapier, Cut & Thrust, armoring, embroidery, sewing
Glenn McClair Scottish Armoring
Haldor Bjornskold Viking Armored Combat, armoring
Halvdan Viking cooking, art
Horace von 
German Period sciences and inventions, Archery,  Rapier, armored combat, armoring, forging 
Hrethel Snaebjorn Swedish Viking Armored combat, armoring, woodworking, grilling meat, leatherworking
Iseult   Tablet weaving, singing, cooking, garb making
Isibeal ighean Godfried   animal husbandry, cheese making, baking, embroidery
Jaquemine de Lille Flemish Alchemist Period sciences, calligraphy, poetry, heraldry, research, chain mail
Janny of Noiregarde   Exchequering
Jewell MacAngus Scottish Armored Combat, armoring, brewing, sewing, woodworking
Kaen Pink-Toes Helping out
Leandra Fleur French Dance, garb
Magaidh Leannan-Sithe Cooking, equestrian
Magnus Oveson NorseViking Armored combat, armoring, woodworking, grilling meat, leatherworking
Martin MacKeegan Irish Cavalier Rapier, Armored Combat, armoring, drumming
Morgone Earendil of Thurn Hill (Debrah of Thorn Hill) Scot-Dane Archery, Alchemy, herbal remedies,gemstones and jewelry, needlework Keeper of the Old Ways
Neepa Indian Cooking
Ora Gray English/Florentine Fiber arts, garb
Peperooga Sewing, Belly dance and music
Sean Morgan Adhoertena Kitts Rill Hiberno-Norse Research, sewing, cooking, primitive art, jewelry making, felting, archery, leather working,  
Skyfire Darkmoon Calligraphy
Turo'n Spanish Fencing and music
Viridis Quevli Lombard Rapier, drumming, belly dance, illumination, sewing

*Only a list of currently active members, but still a work in progress.

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