Welcome!  Whether you are new to the SCA or familiar with the Society but new to Noiregarde, come play with us!

Info for those New to Noiregarde

Noiregarde is a small but welcoming group.  Our meetings are usually pretty casual, just come as you are.  We do occasionally have full garb practices or meetings.  They will be announced on the Google group, Facebook and the calendar page.  Facebook is our primary means of communication and usually most up to date.

Info for those New to the SCA

Interested but don't know where to start? The first step is to contact our Chatelaine, Lady Freydis. The goal of the office is to guide new people by introducing them to SCA customs and fostering their interests.  The chatelaine also has access to clothing, dishes and fighting gear that has been donated for newcomer use.

Also check out the SCA Welcome Portal, it's a great starting point. 

A few helpful tips:

1.  The SCA is about participation, so come prepared to try new activities.
2.  However, don't feel like you have to try everything all at once.
3.  Don't hesitate to ask questions.
4.  Just remember SCA folks are really excited about this hobby,  There's not going to be a quiz later so you don't have to remember everything.
5.  The SCA has it's own jargon, so if you'd feel bad if you don't always know what people mean. (See number 3.)