In the heart of the Black Hills, a seed was sown.
With tears was it watered; with laughter, fed.
"My, oh my! how our little seed has grown,"
Voices say in awe as it towers overhead

Foundations laid with warm flesh and strong bone,
The fortress rises into the clear sky
Its walls more solid than those of pure stone
Only its people knowing how or why

Both wall and wood take much care in their growth.
‘Tis a labor of love that we partake.
To that end we give this most solemn oath:
We stand together for history’s sake.

In service to the dream, on roads so hard,
We call upon our brethren in Noiregarde.

~Jaquemine of Lillyvale (mka Ashley Lewis)
Reprinted with the permission of the author

Noiregarde means Black Fortress.  That's NOR-guard, unless we're fighting, then it's No Regard!  Indeed, it's French, but it's a Norman Shire and the Normans came from where?  (What did you expect from a place that pronounces Pierre as Peer?) 

We are at the far western edge of the Kingdom of Northshield.  Our Territory stretches from the northwestern Black Hills to the northern border of South Dakota.

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