An Orthodox Yule 
January 20-21, 2018
Newell City Hall
108 Third St
Newell, SD 57760

Autocrat : Jaquemine of Lillyvale (Ashley Lewis)

Site Fees (includes Feast^)
Members: $10
Non-Members: $15
Children: $7

^Christmas time in the Orthodox world is celebrated as a fasting holiday.  Therefore there will be no lunch but feast will be earlier than usual.  For those with blood sugar issues, please bring your own snacks.  Beverages will be available throughout the day. 

A&S competition will be a populace vote.  Documentation encouraged but not required.
Categories:  The Sweetness of Life, The Bitterness of Life and Open

A&S Class List Coming soon!

Schedule (Tentative)

09:00 Site Opens
09:30 A&S Drop off
10:00 Armored & Rapier Inspections
10:30 A&S Voting Starts
10:30-02:00 Armored & Rapier Marshal's Choice
02:00-03:00 Shire Armored Championship
03:00-04:00 Shire Rapier Championship
04:00 A&S Voting Ends
04:30 Feast^
06:30 Gift Exchange
08:00 Bardic & Magic Movie Time

Sunday Site Closes at Noon

Menu (email for details)

Course 1: Pagash (bread with honey and garlic)
Course 2: Kutia (wheat berry and fruit pudding)
Course 3: Borscht* 
                    Khachapuri* (cheese and egg hand pies)
Course 4: Nevik* (grilled chard and chickpeas)
                    Peshi Pjekurnenkludkra* (garlic baked fish)
Course 5: Perogis (potato dumplings)
                    Muschiulet de Porc Prajit (roast pork)*
Course 6: Kisielius* (cranberry pudding)
                    Pryanik (tea cookies)

* Indicates Gluten Free, additional options will be available