A Snow Day in Noiregarde

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Time Arts & Sciences Children's Activities Armored Combat Rapier Combat Other Activities
8:30 AM Site Opens          
9:00 AM Competition Drop Off   Inspections and Authorizations Inspections and Authorizations Silent Auction Drop Off
9:30 AM Learning Your Whey Around Cheese    
10:00 AM Competition Voting Starts Print Making Marshal's Choice Marshal's Choice Silent Auction Bidding Starts
10:30 AM      
11:00 AM   Viking Tents  
11:30 AM Figure Drawing    
12:00 PM Lunch Competition Set Up        
12:30 PM Lunch Competition        
1:00 PM   Stick Horse Race      
1:30 PM Reposse' Illuminated Initial        
2:00 PM       Shire Championship  
2:30 PM        
3:00 PM     Shire Championship    
3:30 PM        
4:00 PM Medieval & Renaissance Dance        
4:30 PM        
5:00 PM       Silent Auction Bidding Ends
5:30 PM Competition Voting Ends       Gift Exchange
6:00 PM          
6:30 PM         Feast
7:00 PM          
7:30 PM   Snowball Fight      
8:00 PM Bardic        
8:30 PM          
9:00 PM          
9:30 PM          
10:00 PM Site Closes          
Schedule subject to change

Armored Combat Marshal in Charge: Lady Freydis Jensdottir

Rapier Combat Marshall in Charge: Baron Martin MacKeegan

Details to come Soon!