Yule: Celebrating the Merriment of Saturnalia

Hosted by the Shire of Noiregarde
January 25, 2020
Newell City Hall
108 Third St
Newell, SD 57760
Site Open 9am - 10pm

Site (including feast)

Adult Non-Member: $15
Adult Member: $10
Children 6-17: $5
Children Under 6: Free

No merchant fee! 
Checks payable to the Shire of Noiregarde

Autocrat: Lady Ora Gray
Gift Exchange Coordinator: Lady Kathryn of Southwick
Auction Coordinator: Baroness Apollonia Sybilia Rebil
Dance Coordinator: Milady Leandra Fleur
Feast Steward: Milady JaeAnn 

Feast Menu
Fennel Roast Pork
Green Salad

Roasted Vegetables
Fruits & Cheeses

Saturnalia by Antoine Callet

This years Yule is a celebration of the Roman God Saturn through Saturnalia.

Saturnalia is the Roman Festival of Plenty, Merriment, Feasting, and all around good time!

We will have A&S Classes throughout the day as well as a Harvest Themed A&S competition

We will Have Armored and Rapier Combat with a Championship Tournament.

Lunch will be a Pottage, Porridge and Stews A&S Competition.

There will be a Gift exchange for young and old organized by Lady Kathryn of Southwick.

Feast will be a joyous occasion of Great Food and Friendship!! Followed by a sweet Dessert Auction organized by Baroness Apollonia Sybila Rebil.

Following feast will be an enchanting Candle Dance led by MilLady Leandra Fleur which will lead into Court Dancing.

We will cap off our evening with the delightful Bardic Arts.

Hope to see you there!

Any questions please contact Lady Ora Gray
oragraysca@gmail.com or FB Messenger Ora Gray.
9am  Site opens/ Fighter Authorization begins
9-3am Fighting
10am Sewing by Hand by Baroness Jaquemine de Lille
10:30am Drop Off for Lunch A&S Competition: Pottage, Porridge and Stews
(Please bring entries cooked and ready!)
11am Lunch A&S Competition Judging
11:15-12pm Populace Lunch
12pm The Art of Archery by MiLord GaelAwen BanVran
1pm Mead & Cheese Please! By Lady Isibeal Ighean Godfried
2pm Wood Block Printing: Practical uses for the SCA by Lady Jen
*$5 fee, 20 people, ages 13+
3pm Stuffed Fabric Buttons by MilLady Leandra Fleur  
*Fabric provided to make buttons to donate to Largess, bring your own fabric if you dont want to donate your buttons
4pm Presentation of Champions
4:30pm Childrens Gift Exchange
5pm FEAST!
6pm Dessert Auction
6:30-8pm Candle Dance followed by Court Dance
8pm Bardic
Children's activities
We will have a Kids Corner open all day
11am Chess with MiLord GaelAwen BanVran
1pm Puzzles with Baroness Jaquemine de Lille
2pm Story Time
3pm Snow Ball Fight!!!
4:30pm Gift Exchange
(Please let us know if your Child will be participating so we can have enough gifts)