Origami Basics with Baroness Jaquemine - learn all the folds by making two figures.
Herbal First Aid with Lady Biorna - how to make an herb and beeswax salve.
Chassing & Repossee  with Baroness Apollonia - basic metal embossing 
Calligraphy with Baroness Viridis - two sessions: one geared toward youths & beginners (every SCAdian should know how to calligraphy their name) and another bit more advanced class
Techniques for weaving a Rya with Lady Ailith - a rya is a shaggy cloak of the northlands.
Plant Dyes with Lord Hoskuldr - traditional fiber dyes and how to do them.
Bardic - following feast until people are ready to call it a night

More To Come...

Fort Building with Lady Iseult  
Ornament Making with Baroness Apollonia - metal ornaments for any season
Crafts with Lady Lavinia -wooden dolls & carrying bags
Snowball Fight - indoors with all the fun but none of the cold and mess
Storytime and Bardic
More To Come...

Shire Championship

More To Come...

Can be found

A wide number of cultures held festivities around the shortest day of the year.  The winter solstice acted as a turning point toward spring warmth and light and a celebration of having survived to the cold and dark, a time to gather with friends and family. 

The Shire of Noiregarde invites you to join us in a celebration of the mid-winter holidays on:

January 14-15, 2017, AS 51  
Newell City Hall 
108 Third St 
Newell, SD 57760 

Adult Member Registration: $7
Adult Non-Member Registration: $12
Child Registration: $5

Autocrats: Baroness Viridis and Lady Iseult
Feastocrat: Lord Connacht

We are pleased to be your hosts for this year.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like to help out in any way.

Once again we will be "camping" in the hall overnight.  No need to rush home or worry about driving after dark.  If you have any special needs, please just let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate as best we can.  Also if the hall's not your cup of tea, the Newell Hotel is just around the corner.  

Feast is included in the site fee, so bring your appetite.  Menu Coming Soon...

Lunch and Breakfast will also be provided for a donation.  Lunch will be soups and breakfast will feature farm fresh egg scrambles.  More details to come...

Gift Exchange
As a celebration of another year as a community, we exchange gifts.  Click the picture if you would like to participate.  If bringing a child, please let us know gender and age. Extra children's gifts will go to the Shire toybox.

A&S Competition
Let the solstice be your inspiration - whether as a turning point, the celestial event or just the feel of the season.  Documentation encouraged.  Click the picture if you have questions or would like some sample ideas.

Silent Auction
Our annual fundraiser is back!  This year to benefit our A&S Fund.  Click the picture if you have questions or items to donate

Lunch & Breakfast Fundraiser
Donation proceeds go to the shire storage unit.